Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo


click on pic to enlarge…


here is my favorite Actor ever…♥♥♥ I hope you like him…


or the new Sim File Share for Simmer:


Here is something about Jason Momoa and here is something about Khal Drogo (german)

you need:

Tops here

Pants here

Beard here

Eyebrow here  note: this link is down, Lumia has a new tumblr here I can’t find a new link for this eyebrows, maybe you?…for this moment there is no possibility to ask him /her something…but I will try it  day by day… in the meantime take this link  if you find the new link of Lumia please tell me…thank you so much

Body Hair here

Earing here

FaceFreckles here

Hair  here 

Daenerys is here



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