16.11.16 updated Leonardo Hairleonardo11 now with better texture, please change the package and give it again to your sim, otherwise he goes without hair…☺

03.08.16 updated Christie HairJulie  made the bangs a little bit clother to the forehead..☺

16.07.16 updated Italian MenItalian for both for both, only use one package


I changed the category at the following hairstyles

Blues Hair, Classic Hair with Flower, Flower Power Hair, French Bride with SideBang, HairBomb, Ladys Dine Hairstyle, Miriam Hair, Moira Hair, Promising Hair, Romantic Flower Hair, Sun Wave Hair, Untamed Bob

Images in the order of the names:

please change the package, unfortunately you have to give your sim the hairstyle new…(my goodness,my english is bad to explain correctly, hope you understand what I mean…☺)


11.07.16 Real Curly Hairreal now wearable for males too

04.07.16 Ponytail with SideBangsponywb6 now also wearable for males

04.07.16 Courtney HairstyleCourtney now also wearable for males

03.07.16 Romantic Flower Hairflower3 I fixed a issue near the flowers on the right side…please change the package…thank you and sorry…☺

01.06.16 Bigaround EarringsBig2 now clother to the Ear…:-)))

01.06.16 MenDreadsDreads31   I fixes an issue when sim moved and added pink and turquoise, please change the package

21.05.16 BigBunDreadsbig10 I fixed an issue at the neck, please change the package

18.05.16TeenLoveHair  I fixed  an issue at the hairline,  please change the packageteen3

13.05.16 RastaBunponyteil now with Headband rastarasta2

11.05.16 AfrowithBandanaHair  now Hair with Bandana in one package, please change the package…AfroBandana

03.05.16 Charleston Hair now better texturesCh4

02.05.16 Thick Ponytail issue fixed thickP

30.04.16Shaved Bob I’ve fixed an issue,sbob

30.04.16 Little Adam Ponytail I’ve fixed an issue, LA11

30.04.16 Club Hair now with better textures, clubh

16.04.16 Teased Halfup Hair now with other bangsTeased2

03.04.16 Ronja Hair now with better TexturesRonja

24.03.16 CurlyMopHair for Boys  I’ve fixed a issue at smal headsmopbo5

20.03.16 MMHair with better Hairline and a issue fixedMM2

20.01.16 PopcornDreads now Basegame compatiblepop9

19.01.16 MadonnaHair with better Textures…streifenwegstreifenda

28.12.15 a bit more forehead now without the shadow at the forehead and with thumb…Salma