24.09.17 updated MadonnahairmadonnaHnew4  better texture an less polygone

18.08.17 updated GirlyHairwithBandBand better Bangstexture

16.08.17 updatedMiniBunonTopMinibunMinibun2  no sidehair and  better texture

16.08.17 updated BoysmeetsGirlsHairbmg10  was an issue at the left side on forehead

 11.08.17 updated Frisbee Hairfrisbee11 it was an issue on the left eye

21.07.17 updated Daisy HairDaisy3

13.07.17 updated Pictails with BangsPigs

06.07.17 updated  SoftwavyHairKidssoftgirl7

06.07.17 updated HalfsoftWavyMalehm6

06.07.17 updated SoftWavyhairconverssoftfem4

06.07.17 updated HalfsoftWavyFemhalfsoft8

01.07.17 updated Short Afro Curlsshortafro8

24.06.17 updated PonyBow&BangsPonyBow7  it was an issue with the swatches, and Denim Dress Girls1

26.04.17 updated ToddlerBraidedTwinsBraidedTwins  now with thumbnail but without gap…please download again…sorry♥

21.03.17 updated Temptation HairthumbTemptation female now for females too, please change the package and chose „all“ in CAS

19.02.17 updated Diner forBunDinerforBun5  there was an issue at left side…please change the package, thank you

30.01.17 updated GentsHairgentsw  now for women too, okay the name is..mh….you can use only one package the old one only for men or the new package for both…

19.01.17 updated Big Curls for AdultsBigCAdults7 there was an issue on the left side…please change the package

01.01.17 updated ThatGirlHairthatgneu now with better texture…

27.12.16 updated Alex Hairalex17

I dont know what happened, but there was the wrong texture for the right hair, now I fixed it, please change the package and take my  sorry…

23.12.16 updated Texturedmed for Boystexture, now with better textures, please change the package…