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Hello Simmers…

my name is Birgid, I live in Dortmund, Germany…since June 2015 I have the sweetest grandson ever… he is the reason why I’ve moved from Dortmund to Unna, a small town near my grandson’s home…and of course I love Sims…♥

nice that you’ve found my blog… I hope you enjoy my contents

best wishes to all of you 🙂

PS: just to clarify this: my name is birksche, not birksches… in german we don’t use the   ‚  when we write:  birksches haare, but I learned now in english you write birksche’s hair… but of course it doesn’t matter if you use birksches or birksche…


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  1. thats sounds good… 🙂 ja i should have explained it in more detail, but i thought you were a simmer, because in these circles it’s my own mesh, you know…anyway…
    yes we can do it like this, just download the hairstyles you want…which program do you use to open the packages? there is the „sims4studio.“.. you can open the package with this program and it’s also connected to blender, if you use it as a 3D program, it’s all free…
    hope you understand my english correctly, I use a translation-programm, I’m german and my english is for deeply conversation not good enough


  2. Wow, your hair CC skills are amazing! As a Michael Jackson fan, guess which one is my favorite… 😀

    Do you accept commissions/requests? There’s a particular hairstyle I want for my Sims 4 game, but even though I’ve been looking everywhere for weeks, I haven’t been able to find anything even remotely similar to what I need. 😦


      1. Alrighty! So, I have a bunch of Samurai sims in my game, and I’d really like to give them a proper traditional samurai hairstyle. Here’s some examples of what I’m looking for:


        If possible, I’d also like a variation of that one, only without the shaved top, and a bit more disheveled, scruffy look, like this:


        Please let me know what you think, and how much would you charge for this. In any case, whether you accept the commission or not, thank you very much for your time. 🙂


      1. Hello again! I spent the night checking Blender tutorials, and I was able to model a shaved top samurai hairstyle on my own (also did the UVs, plus a basic texture to test it out), but when I imported it into Sims4Studio it didn’t display right. Could you please check it out and tell me what I did wrong? 😦

        Here’s the blender file + the basic texture I did: https://www.mediafire.com/file/pwq8y4w3w1hdd83/chonmage.zip/file

        Also, you can probably recycle the ponytail part of my mesh to use it on the disheveled one, if you are able to do it in the end. 🙂


      2. https://www.file-upload.net/download-13506940/Samurai.rar.html
        you can download the photos, packages and other files here…
        first, you need a clon( basegame) for S4studio to show your work, the place for hairstyles are in diffuse-map need a special place and they must be dds- files for using in a 2D program like paint.net, you need to place the mesh in the UV map under diffuse map…and my english is very bad, its hard to explain correctly but I made photos, maybe you understand…I edit the mesh a bit, but not realy correct as you see in CAS and the tale ( or what is the right name?) needs connecting with the hair…good luck and good work , you can ask me again…
        the best is you take a look to EA hair, to see how its works 🙂


      3. Hello again! Sorry for the radio silence for the past few days, but after the advice you gave me, I got really gung-ho with properly learning how to make Sims 4 hair, so every bit of free time I’ve had, I spent it reading/watching a lot of tutorials. Long story short, my samurai hair is finished, so thank you very much for all the help! 😀

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  3. I just wanna say: thank you for your nice stuff a few of your hairs belong really to my all time faforites and you sharing that for free and not like a few just to make money with the game- thats really nice from you!!!!


  4. Ich habe Google Translate verwendet, um dies zu schreiben. Sorry, wenn es schwer zu lesen ist.
    Ich liebe deine Haare. Vielen Dank für all deine Arbeit. Ich möchte einige Ihrer Haare in Perücken verwandeln. Um dies zu tun, müsste ich jedoch das Netz einbeziehen. Ich hatte gehofft, ich könnte Ihre Erlaubnis bekommen. Ich habe vor, sie auf S4Studio zu veröffentlichen, und ich würde natürlich auch einen Kredit und einen Link zu Ihrer Arbeit hinzufügen. Bitte berücksichtigen Sie meine Anfrage. Vielen Dank.


  5. Oh my goodness. I just retranslated the above and it makes no sense. I’m going to just write in English. Apologies. I am an American, so I only speak one language (I did however take German in college, unfortunately it didn’t stick). I have been making wigs over at S4Studios, and I was hoping to make some of your lovely hairs into wigs. However to do so, I would need to include the mesh. I would of course link back to you and give you full credit, but your TOU says not to include meshes. So I was hoping you’d consider allowing this exception. Thanks for your time (and your fabulous hairs!!)


    1. LOL, yes your german words make sense, google isnt a good translater, even from other languages to german, next time try DEEPL its so much better, but posts here not need to translate in german, Im not a good english-writer but I understand better…
      which hair of mine you want to convert to wigs? anyway, yes okay, I make a exception in this case, Im looking forward to see your wigs…hihi…so please give me a link to your s4s-side…see you 🙂

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  6. Birksche, I’ve been doing a project lately where I convert Sims 4 hairs to Morrowind in an attempt to make the game look somewhat better, all for personal use so far, but I was wondering if you’d mind giving permission for me to upload your Come-On Bun converted in a pack with the other hairs I’ve done, with all credits and everything to you and links to your page of course!


      1. oh thats the reason, I didn’t know that. when I see for example SL, the textures not much better…but anyway wish you a lot of fun♥


  7. hi Russel, thank you but who is Betty white? yes I’m searching, but there so many hairstyles: long, short, updo… which one you like? can’t do the 20years-bob with waves, you know


  8. Hi Birksche! Betty White is an actress who has been in many tv shows. If you can do her hairstyle from Golden Girls, it would make my life! Thank you so much!!!!


  9. Hallo Birgid,

    ich habe ungefähr gerade alle deine Frisuren runtergeladen und die funktionieren alle total super! Ich habe seit einer gefühlten Ewigkeit nach eine mittellangen Frisur mit schrägem Pony gesucht, für einen Sim (wollte jemanden nachbauen) und nichts gefunden, bin schier verzweifelt. Und als ich quasi schon aufgegeben habe, habe ich durch Zufall deine Seite gefunden. Und jetzt habe ich sogar mehrere Frisuren zur Auswahl und noch einen ganzen Haufen anderer und ich bin total… Wow. DANKESCHÖN!! Danke dass du so schöne Sachen machst, ich freue mich beim Spielen sehr drüber 🙂 Dankedankedanke!

    Liebe Grüße


    1. hi Maxine, das ist aber lieb mir das zu sagen…die meisten schweigen und geniessen…*lach*..freut mich total, dass dir meine frisuren gefallen…viel spass noch beim spielen und alles liebe♥


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