Mary Sibley (Salem)


Mary Sibley is a character in a TV show „Salem“, she is a powerful witch, she is very bad, but I like the character and the person, she looks sooo beautiful…read more english here auf deutsch gibts nicht so viel, nur etwas über die Serie  hier



swimcuit here

everyday and party skirt here

every day corset here

party corset here

Gloves here

Formal Dress here

Amulett here

Blush here

Lipgloss: I can’t find this lipgloss, Simulites Blog cannot find, he has a few lipgloss at TSR, but not exactly this one, so you can download  this as subtitute…the original lipgloss that I use: „SimuliteGentleNudeLipgloss“, sorry

Eyelashes  here

Hairs here


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