4 Kommentare zu „Keira Knithley as Vanessa Jeong

  1. i have a question for you. did you remake this sim and give her a different name or did you try and „whitewash“ her on purpose? someone trying to say you whitewashed her and i think its more along the lines of „look i remade vanessa jeong!“ and i would like to be able to show this person that no in fact you are not racist.

    Gefällt mir

    1. hi Hailey,
      I know this romours going around on tumblr, but look at my blog here, there so many coloured sims , I have a menue/kategory; dreads, braids and afro-hair, look to my familytree ( there is a link at the main-side) do you realy think I’m a racist? I’m a european, here is no fight against black or white…unfortunately some people against the islam in european, not me…
      yes I change the look and the name of few EA sims, but not to wash them white, but to make them a better look and not lose the role in game, you know what I mean? for me are the EA sims mostly look boring…and for me personly it makes more fun to see real celibrities like Marilyn and not Judith Ward for excample…
      and Jeong isn’t black or coloured, right…my english is pretty bad, so hope you understand what I like to say… thank you for asking me to look deeper than the haters on tumblr and reddit

      Gefällt mir

  2. thats what i was defending you against! you make colored sims cc and i find it ridiculous that someone was bashing you! thank you for clearing this up! she admitted that she just jumped to conclusions and didnt even try to ask you why you changed the sim. i love her by the way! she is so cute!

    Gefällt mir

    1. thank you so much, I see you are on twitter, I have a twitter-account too, I fighting against deportations of immigrants you can see it there…it’s very hard for me to be called a racist, believe me and my motherlanguage is german, its hard to explain deeply. in english…but anyway, thank you again

      Gefällt mir

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