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  1. Hello Birksche! I hope you are well. I’m having a problem with this hair. Everything looks great in CAS and even on the thumbnail in the relationships panel, but in live mode there is this very weird overlay on the entire sim. It’s like there’s the blonde film that covers the hair, face, and whole body. The overlay on the body makes the clothes transparent from far away, but the closer you get to the sim you can see piece of this overlay. This probably doesn’t sound clear, so I took some pictures.

    How the sim should look (I had to remove the hair): https://imgur.com/AdMC5i1
    Problem from far away: https://imgur.com/mYkUJ6h
    Problem closer up: https://imgur.com/bo0h0px

    I only tested the one color I wanted to use (black).

    Gefällt mir

  2. hi Jes. I know this problem, but I didnt know what I can do against…so sorry, the only way is to delete the hair…btw what kind of graphic card you use? I think its a problem of some cards… but i’m not sure…

    Gefällt mir

    1. ja it was not a case of the cards…as i say, i dont know whats happened, but it doesent work with shaved hair…this was the first time i saw this kind of issue, thanks for reporting, because no one else said something to me and that was the reason I thought it was an issue of my own grafic-card…

      Gefällt mir

      1. oh thats sad, but i can do nothing against, you see my ingame-pig of the new version and there is evry thing fine, so sorry…you are sure you have the right package in your game? because its actually the original hair, but a bit shorter

        Gefällt mir

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